Weekend A La Carte (November 23)

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Today’s Kindle deals include quite a long list of books that cross all kinds of categories.

(Yesterday on the blog: The Heart of the Preacher)

Gender, Intersectionality, and Critical Theory

If you’re wanting to get caught up on issues related to gender, intersectionality, and critical theory, this article is extremely helpful.

Is It Sinful to Watch Sin on a Screen?

You can probably guess where John Piper goes with his answer. “When we are tired and want to unwind from a good day’s work, we settle in with some series or movie that we hope will be minimally offensive or crass or obscene, and then we’re drawn into a suspenseful or interesting plot. And then scene after scene portrays a God-ignoring, man-exalting, sin-condoning, sex-distorting, marriage-weakening, maleness-mocking, femaleness-trivializing, righteousness-ridiculing, arrogance-admiring worldview. We ordinary, struggling saints, who long for purity of heart and holiness and all the fruits of the Holy Spirit, simply won’t be able not to be entertained by sin and shaped in our minds and hearts by that very entertaining worldview.”

Holding a Grudge Can Make You Sick

This article certainly doesn’t teach a Christian view of forgiveness, but it does share some interesting perspectives on how failing to forgive can bring about extremely negative consequences.

An Honest Abortion Debate

Alexandra DeSanctis responds to a much-discussed article on abortion by Caitlin Flanagan.

How the Bible’s Irony Combats the Prosperity Gospel

“What is irony? Irony is the saying of something or the doing of something that implies its opposite. What is said or done really indicates the reverse of the saying or act. God deals with humans in primarily ironic ways. The Bible is a record of how God has so dealt with humans. There are two kinds of biblical or theological irony. There is retributive irony whereby God punishes people by the very means of their own sin. There is also redemptive irony whereby the faithful appear to be cursed, but as they persevere in faith, they are really in the midst of being blessed.”

11 Levels of Origami (Video)

I found this video on increasing degrees of complexity in origami rather satisfying to watch. It’s always fascinating to me what fascinates others.

How the Crossword Became an American Pastime

Here’s how the crossword puzzle became a favorite American pastime, and why it remains that way.

Flashback: When Was the Last Time You Just Enjoyed Your Money?

There are so many good things we can do with our money. But I think one of the good things we may be prone to miss along the way is just plain enjoying it.

We don’t tend to grow in humility and humanity through our success. Failure can lead us to dependence and trust in our successful and competent God. That is true success. —Ed Welch