Black Pentecostal Leader Defends Catholics Against Democratic Bigotry

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There is a brilliant article in WSJ by Eugene F. Rivers III, a Pentecostal minister and director of the Seymour Institute for Black Church and Policy Studies.

A lot of it comes down to Pamela Harris’s and Diane Feinstein’s bigoted attacks against Catholic nominees to government positions, esp. about one who was involved in the Knights of Columbus, which is basically a Catholic version of Rotary if you know about it.

Rivers writes this:

As a leader of black Christians, I feel particularly strongly about the Knights of Columbus. For more than a century they bravely defended minorities. The group ran integrated hospitality and recreation centers for troops in World War I—the only charitable organization that did so. To confront prejudice in the teaching of history, in the 1920s the Knights commissioned books on black and Jewish history in America. They stood against the Ku Klux Klan in the 1920s, the height of its power, helping fund the Supreme Court case that defeated the Klan-backed ban on Catholic education in Oregon. The Knights spoke out against the persecution of Jews in Nazi Germany as early as the 1930s. Today they assist victims of Islamic State.

If Catholics like the Knights can be targeted, what should members of my Pentecostal church expect? We share traditional views on abortion and marriage. What about Orthodox Jews, Muslims, Mormons and evangelical Christians? Even the Rev. Martin Luther King’s biblical beliefs would be anathema to Sens. Harris, Feinstein and Hirono. JFK, himself a proud Knight of Columbus, would be unacceptable too.

I’ve long said out that the political left is embracing a policy of Catholic-hatred because it scores points with inner-city progressives who love a good Catholic bashing. Glad to see other people, especially minorities, are seeing this too and calling it out.

Black Pentecostal Leader Defends Catholics Against Democratic Bigotry