The New Christian Radio News Room

You may have noticed a complete change has occurred here and we hope you’ll enjoy and grow with the new site.  The site will always have new content for you to review as we are pulling articles from several other Christian sites.  We will have original content as well, and have added a streaming feed of top Christian music on the site.  If you want to navigate the site while listening to music you should open a new tab, the streaming music will stop if you leave the page it is playing on.

If you’d like to submit content you may do so from the site’s Contact page.

Our guiding principles for the new site are simple and there are only two.

  1. Provide fact based news that is not slanted right or left.
  2. To exhibit a Christ like and no just Christian site.  If you’re curious what the difference is start reading at the Book of Matthew.

We’re glad you’re here and encourage you to come back and contribute to this faith community.

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