Weekend A La Carte (October 5)

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As Saturdays go, there is a pretty good little collection of Kindle deals to browse through.

Godly Leaders Welcome Correction

They do, indeed! “We’ve all read news headlines covering fallen leaders of highly profitable organizations, thousand-membership churches, and model families. One question I can’t help but ask is, ‘Did he or she invite correction, or were they surrounded by yes-people?’”

5 Prayers Prompted by Playboy’s Rebrand

Playboy has decided to “rebrand” itself. “As believers in Jesus, how should we respond? Our reflexes to cultural conversations like this reveal what we really believe about God, his posture toward sinners, and his mandate for the church. Too often we’re quick to rant—Bible verses and all—but slow to pray. In light of Playboy’s rebrand, and things like it facing us daily, here are five things to pray for that will help to align our responses to the gospel.”

12 Things Pastors Should Not Do

There’s quite a bit of wisdom in this list from Mark Altrogge. “I’ve been a pastor since 1981, and I have failed numerous times, and have many weaknesses. I am so grateful the Lord has been patient and forbearing with me. Here are a few things the Lord taught me over the years that pastors should not do.”

Help! I’m Still Single and It Feels Like Life Is Passing Me By

Betsy Childs Howard: “If you’re starting to fear this is the most depressing thing you’re going to read on the internet today, let me quickly switch gears and give you the good news. Life has not passed you by. It’s not going to. If you are in Christ, your life has only just begun.”

How Many US Cities Can You Name?

This is kind of a fun distraction. You list American cities with their population counting as the score.

Quietly Extraordinary

Here’s an account of the funeral of a quietly extraordinary man. “But as the rain poured down and the daylight faded, that lyric stuck with me. We were dancing in the mud, declaring death to be impotent in the face of the life God is bringing. We were remembering a man who preached this truth even as we reminded ourselves of the same truth in our grief. If our theology does not survive a leaking tarp on plastic chairs next to a fresh grave, with bereaved kids all around, then it is not worth embracing.”

9 Things You Should Know About Christianity and Communist China

Joe Carter lists them.

Flashback: What’s the Purpose of … Pastors?

God’s church needs pastors. It needs pastors who will function not first as priests or CEOs, but as shepherds—shepherds who will protect God’s people; feed them spiritual food; lead them by modeling godly character; and care for them in life’s temptations, trials, and triumphs.

When the Word is preached, the great God is giving us his charge. Do we listen to it as to a matter of life and death? This is a good sign that we love the Word. —Thomas Watson