A La Carte (June 27)

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As usual, there’s a selection of Kindle deals for you to consider.

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(Yesterday on the blog: The Coming Millennial Midlife Crisis)

Is God Angry at Me When I Sin?

John Piper answers. “As a born-again believer, is God still angry at me when I sin? I believe God’s wrath is real, and I have embraced Christ’s propitiation for my sins. But I struggle to understand the difference between God’s wrath and anger over my sin before and after my justification.”

Serving with Love – Rosalind Goforth

Here’s a brief introduction to a neat character from church history. “One of the greatest necessities and challenges for Christians is to genuinely love those whom we serve. Such Christlike love makes our service much more effective, and enables us to faithfully serve even when ministering to difficult people or under trying circumstances.”

The Longest Papal Election in History

And here’s an interesting (and absurd) little bit of Roman Catholic history. “One of the grand halls in the palace, known as the Conclave Hall, was the seat of the longest papal election in history. The election lasted for two years nine months, from November in 1268 to September 1, 1271, because the twenty voting cardinals were so divided by personal interests and family feuds, that they could not reach an agreement.”

Could You Take A Memo, Please

I love that the Bible reflects the personalities of its authors. “Muslims contend that the Koran is straight dictation — all Allah, with no Mohammed filter at all. The Christian conception of the bible is quite different. We believe the God-breathed message of the Word gets delivered most compellingly through the passions and personalities of the various authors.”

The Things Unseen (Video)

This short film about God’s work in Brazil deserves more views than it has received so far!

How LGBT Pride Month Became a Religious Holiday

Joe Carter asks a good and valid question: “How did we get to the point where celebrating homosexuality and transgenderism became a month-long event that rivals Christmas?”

How Smartphone Notifications Got Out Of Control (Video)

Have you taken control of your phone’s too-many notifications? This video from Wired tells where they came from and makes a few suggestions about how to take control of them.

Flashback: Have You Looked Into the Mirror Today?

As the mirror hanging on the wall reflects the outer man, the mirror of God’s Word reflects the inner man. For this reason every Christian needs to gaze into the mirror of the Word to assess the state of his heart.

…the rulers sneered at him, shouting: “He saved others, but he can’t save himself!” Their words, spoken as an insult, were the literal truth. He could not save himself and others simultaneously. —John Stott