Acoustic Guitar Lesson Tips for Beginners

wqwAfter buying your own acoustic guitar, the next thing that you should do is to enlist yourself in a good program of acoustic guitar lessons. Choosing the right program to enrol in can spell the difference between becoming an exquisite guitarist and being a failed musician who will leave his guitar in the attic to rot. Here are a few basic concepts that a good set of acoustic guitar lessons should be able to teach you. Read through them and use them to gauge whether a program syllabus will help you achieve your guitar-playing goals.

The main thing that acoustic guitar lessons should be able to teach you is how to play the cords, which are the heart of guitar-playing. You will be having trouble in changing between the chords in the start, but you will get used to it as time goes on. Practice on guitar exercises, even well outside your lesson time, to ensure that your fingers grow accustomed to forming the cords in the shortest thinking time possible.

Acoustic guitarists should also be taught how

Tips to Have a Good Bass Soloing Technique

saSoloing on bass guitars is not too common on pop music-where vocal harmony and guitar melody are more pronounced. But in some other genre like jazz, blues and metal you’ll hear talented bassist who lights up the crowd with their solos– Les Claypool, Jaco Pastorius and Geddy Lee comes to mind. Bass soloing is the perfect break used by the band to “freshen-up” the crowd. To better understand the basics of bass solos, you need to consider the following:

What scales are you using?

Okay, you know how to fret your way all around your guitar, but it won’t make-and the song-any better if it is not coherent with the scales (major or minor chords) that your band is using for that piece. Always remember that bass guitar have to maintain a delicate balance between beats, rhythms and harmonies; it also includes how you perform your solo.

Know the progression

Progression means how the chords are lined-up-like on a cashier. Respect how these chords are properly placed within the song and creatively adapt your

Tips and Tricks For Piano Players Who Have Rhythm and Harmony Problems

piIt’s not easy to learn how to play the piano. A few of the best pieces that I have come across have a thousand different intricacies that have to be put into the piece to make them sound unique, personal and wonderful. If you are an avid music fan you will realize that this is true.

Ten different piano players will play but you can do it and with a little practice and understanding you can make sure that you get rhythm and harmony back into your playing. A few tips to help you in the process are as follows-

Practice makes perfect and that is entirely true. You can make sure that the process of learning how to visually “read” music and comprehend the notes in your mind is down pat. This is a great asset as you can predict how the piece will play and you can accordingly add what feelings you want to put into the piece.

Use scales. Yes we know that they are boring but scales are the best ways of understanding

The Best Way to Buy a Guitar

The guitar is among the most dynamic of all musical instruments. It has a profound sound that occurs to become unique from other instruments. This is one of the reasons why it’s extremely acknowledged in almost all genres of music like country, blues, flamenco, bluegrass, mariachi, jota, jazz, soul, reggae, various forms of pop and rock. It isn’t surprising why a lot of people love to learn how you can play this ever popular instrument.

If you’re among those that have a creating enthusiasm for guitar playing or somebody that’s just learning how to play this instrument, here are leading suggestions on buying a guitar.

Begin using the fundamentals.

1. Search out. Before anything else, the very first thing to complete is to discover someone you realize that has played the guitar for very a while. Gathering details from a guitarist or somebody with experience playing guitars is essentially helpful when searching for the type and brand name that might fit your require. This will also help you save up time for shopping around.

2. Acoustic or Electrical? One of the fundamental factors in purchasing a guitar is to figure out which kind of

Spending a Busy Day in Kingston Jamaica

A day in the life of Kingston Jamaica! Immerse yourself in this enchanting city following this handy itinerary. Whether you are dropping in for just a quick visit, or planning to stay for a longer vacation, Kingston Jamaica will keep you entertained for your entire journey. So get planning and get travelling.

Before you leave home, prepare for the climate of Kingston by strategically packing a few important items. Kingston is hot and humid year round with a dominant wet tropical climate. Bring your comfortable walking shoes, beachwear and airy clothing, along with a hat and some sunscreen to protect against the Caribbean rays. For your journey into the Blue Mountains, bring along a sweater and rain gear along with some good hiking shoes. Once you have everything in your bag, it is time to go!

After arriving in Kingston Jamaica, head over to your chosen accommodation. Being a large and developed city in the Caribbean, Kingston offers a variety of staying options, from luxury large resorts, to inexpensive hostels, to quaint bed and breakfasts run by locals, to standard hotels. Do some advanced research to ensure you get the best deal and have the amenities

7 Tips to Get Good Beats Audio Software

Getting good beats requires you to have all the equipment that you need. In fact, it is not just about the equipment; it is about finding good quality equipment that will make it possible for you to come up with what you need most.

For example, if you are looking for beats audio software, you have to ensure that the one you end up with will help you to achieve your targets. There is no need to work with something that offers no efficiency when there are many other good ones that you can rely on.

1. Know what you want

Since you are the person that wants to make the beats, nobody understand what you need better than yourself. You definitely have the desire to come up with something that the listeners will like. Because of this, you first have to sit down and think about the things that you will require. This will make it possible for you to choose the most suitable software from the many that can be found in the markets.

2. Understand the Nature of Your Music

Different types of music require different kinds of beats. For

10 Tips For Improving In-Flight Entertainment For Your Passengers

If you are involved with in-flight entertainment for an airline, then you’ll want to ensure that your passengers have plenty of content choice to keep them occupied during their journey. Having a high quality in-flight entertainment package increases customer satisfaction levels and encourages loyalty and repeat bookings.

Here are some issues to consider:

1. In flight movies are always popular. Many passengers want to see the latest Hollywood Blockbusters and regional hits from their countries whilst some will wish to enjoy timeless classics.

2. Music is always popular with passengers and there are lots of genres to choose from when creating an in flight music package. You can offer the latest chart hits, classical music, jazz, reggae and dance music to cater for all tastes. In addition, other audio programmes such as religious, news and business shows are increasingly popular.

3. Many passengers enjoy TV shows during their flights. Spoil them with a broad selection of comedies, documentaries, cartoons, news, sports, drama, non-verbal and local shows.

4, Keeping up to date with national and international news will be important to many passengers and so you may want to consider providing them with a

Six Tips for Running A Successful Open Air Concert

The range of open air concerts varies from a music fest to a small family gathering. Sometimes the concerts might be free of charges. But a practise of ticketing before admission to the concert arena also prevails. Different types of musical acts are performed at an open air concert including folk, pop, classical, rock, reggae and so forth. Usually an open air concert takes place in a stadium or in a sports complex, in parks or pre-selected concert venues, while the process involves a great sum of activities as well as forecast to make it a success.

Before arranging a concert, the promoters should be aware of the following issues that can hinder the smooth operation of the concert.

As the first step, point out the motive of the concert. The motive may differ from fund raising or to give a fresh entertainment to the audiences. Mostly it happens that if the concert is for fund raising or any charitable activity, the show turns into a ticketed one. The audience must spare a sum of money to enjoy the show. And if it is for entertainment only, it may not cost a single buck to the

5 Tips On Creating Convincing Sequenced Drum Parts

Many people would rightly claim that the excellent advantage associated with sequenced, electronic drums is which they don’t pressure you to utilize ‘realistic’ drum patterns or sounds. Much dance music, for instance, is built around incredibly quick, precise patterns and sounds which bear only the loosest connection to anything you can actually create by striking a stretched skin with a wooden stick. The ability to create rhythms through programming, layer by layer and step by step, certainly offers great scope for the imagination and flexibility from the technical and sonic restrictions imposed by having to play and record actual drumming.

Nevertheless, it’s typically the case that the sound and feel of a real drum part is required, and circumstances – time, space, lack of facilities or lack of a drummer – force people who don’t play the drums themselves to knock
something up on a sequencer. And though a sequenced part will never be a perfect imitation, there are a range of things you can do to make it sound more genuine.

1. Bear in mind the physical limitations to which real drummers are subject. Obviously, individual drummers have only two arms and two legs, and are therefore only ‘four-note polyphonic’ in

How to Use Beatmaker Software to Make Your Own Music Beats

Ready to make your own beats? Got your software, but not sure where to start? There’s no doubt that beat maker software programs can be complicated and take some time to master, but with a little practice you’ll soon find that creating your own music is a fun and enjoyable experience that really isn’t all that difficult.

The first thing you need to do has nothing to do with music, but it is very important. You must always check out the specifications on your software beatmaker program to be sure that your computer can run it properly. Don’t waste your money or your time on software that your computer simply can’t use.

Secondly, you need to decide on which genre of music you’re interested in. Do you prefer RnB, reggae, jazz, or country? Or maybe you’re into Blues, hip-hop, punk or techno. There are so many types of music that it’s hard to even make a complete list, but whatever you like, you’ll want to be sure that your beatmaker software supports it. There is nothing more frustrating than buying software that won’t let your create the type of music that you enjoy most.


The Perils of the Classical-Only Music Education

  • The Classical Dead End

The “Classical-only” music education model, as good as it is as a technical foundation, can be, and sadly, usually is, a dead end for performance opportunity. If you are a talented high school player, you could go on to major in college for music performance. But then what? If you work hard and are really good, and really love it, maybe you could get a job playing in a symphony orchestra! That would be neat, but the sad reality is that these jobs only open up when someone who has one… dies!

When this happens, an advertisement is put in the “trades” for auditions for that one seat (job). Many hundreds, (I’ve heard of up to 800 or more) of the best of the best from all over the world will come to audition for that one job, each one very qualified, having studied and practiced for decades.

This is the terrible part.

The math is simple. We all know that only one of these applicants is going to get that coveted job of course, which leaves 799 good players… unemployed; but often times, it is not even the best

How To Choose Your Wedding Music – Wedding Music Tips

Choosing your perfect wedding music can be very tedious. You have to pick music that all the guests will enjoy. Whether it comes to rock, ballads, waltz’, reggae, hip-hop, pop, Euro or any of the famous, traditional wedding songs, the guests always seem to have some sort of opinion. However, make the song very personal to you.

You know the guests will like the music, if even they can relate it to you. Songs should be in accordance to the theme. That way, it helps add to the cultural atmosphere. The music should match the subject of the wedding. It would make sense that a traditional wedding would have traditional music, and a cultural wedding would have cultural music. However, it is still okay to have a different music pick then what may look obvious.

The main focus during a wedding is love. Try picking songs that are very romantic, romantic songs could never clash during a wedding. Not all songs have to have words either. Sometimes the sounds and rhythms of music speak more than words. Let the music flow into the wedding, and not clash with it. Music has a huge affect on the

Tips on How to Make Deep House Music

deepThe drums:

One of the most fundamental elements of any type of deep house music is the driving drum’s. The drum patterns tend to follow a 4/4 beat format and never really deviate from that other than minimal cuts and alterations throughout the arrangement. You can create your drums using various programs such as Ultrabeat, Drum Rack or Ableton Live. Personally I prefer to use a drum machine. A great drum machine to use is Native Instruments very popular Maschine. It’ s cheap, very easy to use and the software is updated regularly. It comes with a huge bank of drum sounds and you can always import your own sounds into it. The hands on feel of using a drum machine is very appealing to most pro producers as opposed to using keys on a keyboard. You get a better ‘vibe’ playing around on the pads and it feels a little bit more natural. Try and make the drums feel organic as opposed to ‘robotic’ sounding. Although deep house drums run a regimental 4/4 pattern, the amount of swing/quantize

How Music Relieves Stress

The next time you’re feeling stressed, irritable, anxious or tense — listen to a little tune. Studies show that music works wonders at relieving stress and increasing overall feelings of well-being.

Some of the ways music soothes stress include:

1. Deep breathing. When we listen to music, our breathing automatically slows and deepens.

2. Increased serotonin. Often called the “feel good” chemical, serotonin is a neurotransmitter in our brains that affects our feelings of happiness, comfort and relaxation.

3. Better sleep. Listening to music before bed results in a more sound sleep.

4. Reduced pain.

5. Slower heart rate

6. Lower blood pressure.

7. Production of heart-protective chemicals.

Why does music have such profound effects on our bodies and minds? The answer could stem back to our very first lullaby – in our mother’s womb. For nine months we were tucked safely away, comforted by the steady rhythm of a heartbeat and the gentle rush of water surrounding us.

So the next time you’re feeling uptight, stressed or anxious, turn back to music. Here are some tips on how to make music relieve your stress:

1. Listen

8 Powerful Tips On How To Make Millions With Your Music Career

A Step-By-Step Guide On the Information You Must Have

Every One of Us is a Singer or Musician: Ask me how? Well I want you to know that everyone of us sang our first song, the splitting second we were born. That shrieking cry and crackle becomes your first HIT song! Even as we grow into adulthood our very heartbeat is our rhythm drummer, every laughter is a sound, and each step we land on the ground is an integral member of the band.

Turning Yourself from Nobody to an Almost Overnight Star Celebrity: If you religiously follow these step by step instructions below, your life long dream is probably a split second away from stark Reality. Now get Ready and let’s Roll.

Step1: Your Voice as a Powerful Tool

To become a successful singer or musician, your vocal prowess is one of the most vital work tools. It is so unique to you only. In fact, no twin has been known ever, to have exact decibel of identical vocal sounds at least in resonance and depth. Today, they are few vocal altering devices deployed by musicians in the recording studios due to emerging

4 Tips For New Musical Artists Who Are Just Getting Started

A lot has changed in the music world over the last ten or fifteen years. In the old days, an artist had to perfect their craft and hope that they were discovered at a local gig, or hope that they would get really lucky and meet somebody in the music promotion business who would take the time to get to know them and appreciate their talent.

Well, that’s not the norm anymore. Sure, it can still happen, but the odds are even worse than they were back then. That probably sounds like bad news, huh? Well, in reality, it’s not. Why? Because there are so many more opportunities for artists to connect with their fans and so many options to promote now, that you don’t have to wait to be discovered. You now have the option of making your own luck, and as far as this author is concerned, that’s a fantastic place to be.

Of course, that does mean a lot of hard work, maybe more hard work than before. Because now you have to be both artist and promoter, creative talent and business person. But as I like to say, and truly believe, no

Music and Stress Management: Five Easy Tips

One of the most frequently asked questions I get these days is ‘how can music be used most effectively for stress management?’ There are just a few basic principles that one needs to understand in order to tailor their favorite music for stress management purposes.

It is most important to use YOUR favorite categories of music. If you don’t like Mozart or classical music, don’t use it! (However, I do hope you’ll at least try it!) Good, quality music can be found in most any genre of music.

Choose music that has pleasant associations for you, music that brings you cheerful memories.

If you are trying new music, instrumental music tends to be more stress-relieving than music with lyrics. This is because it does not demand you to “Think.”

Choose music that is slow, but that has a regular pulse or beat. Researchers have discovered that music with the tempo of the healthy, resting heartbeat will guide (synchronize or match) your own breathing and heart-beat to it, thus slowing down our racing body rhythms.

Racing thoughts can lead to anxious and stressed-out feelings. For this reason, use the rhythms of slow music, to slow your body and thoughts down.

What are some of my favorite music

Black Uhuru – Reggae Powerhouse, Sizzling Sounds of Solidarity

The first-ever recipients of a Grammy Award in the Reggae Music category which was introduced in 1985, Black Uhuru has always been one of the most progressive reggae or “reggae-rock” bands, managing to stay true to its fierce Rastafarian politics and haunting vocal harmonies in spite of many challenges over its 35-year history. And, WOW, what a history!

Black Uhuru, whose name comes from the East African Swahili language meaning “freedom” (hence Black Freedom), was originally formed as a trio in 1974 in the Waterhouse district of Kingston, Jamaica by Derrick “Duckie” (now “Gong”) Simpson, Euvin “Don Carlos” Spencer and Rudolph “Garth” Dennis. They played clubs around Jamaica but did not attract much local attention despite their Top Cat-produced singles “Folk Songs”, “Slow Coach” and “Time is on Our Side”. In the ’70s, as today, young black men in Kingston had few opportunities to break away from the poverty of the city’s slums. Reggae was certainly one escape route, but it was packed with talented hopefuls, so the chances of succeeding were very slim.

After a few years, Don Carlos left the band to pursue a solo career, Garth Dennis left for what would be an

How To Go About

Use SoundCloud

This is an online audio distribution platform that allows you to upload, record, promote, and share your music. When you register, you are given a unique URL that is specific to your music.

To send the music, you should send the URL to the blogger and the blogger will be able to access all of your music in one platform.

While this platform is great to use, you should ensure that you update your profile for you to appear serious. You should also ensure that your profile is attractive to the visitors.

Other than SoundCloud other great platforms that you can use are: ReverbNation and Bandcamp.


One of the best things about Dropbox is that it’s easy to use and you download the music in a simple file containing all the information that you want. If you prefer using Dropbox, you should ensure that your zip file contains your bio, album cover, album, photos, and a document containing your links.

When it comes to the album, you should ensure that it’s in Mp3 format. This is because the format is small in size thus easy to download. You

Jamaica Reggae – Will It Win Over One Billion People? The Reggae Rajahs Think So

Jamaica is a small small island with a big big music! So big in fact that there is hardly a place on Earth where Reggae rhythms have not been heard and very often copied and adapted to suit the tastes of the local populations.

Bob Marley – Most Famous Jamaican?

Until recently, Bob Marley, the king of Reggae, was the undisputed most famous Jamaican ever. Now there is a possibility that his fame has been surpassed by the lightning fast Usain Bolt, the young tall Jamaican sprinter who won hearts all over the World at Olympics 2008.

Jamaican Music on the International Scene

But Reggae has become part of the international sound and a part of life for many people.

Jamaican music first broke out of Jamaica onto the international scene in 1964 with “My Boy Lollipop” by Millie Small, becoming a huge hit in England, Australia, the United States, and many other countries around the World. Millie Small paved the way for other Jamaican artistes, like Desmond Dekker, who also topped the British charts.

Soon every major pop group got into the act, with even the Beatles doing the hit “Ob-La-Di,